Town of Pompey Historical Society

The Town of Pompey Historical Society was established in 1976 as a result of the United States Bicentennial Celebration. The Town of Pompey Bicentennial Committee had planned two weeks of activities to celebrate this memorable occasion. The committee wanted to have lasting tributes after July 1976. It was decided that organizing an historical society and writing and publishing a two volume book (Pompey, Our Town in Profile) would accomplish that goal.

Currently maintains annual membership of 200+ members.

Sylvia w/book

Sylvia Shoebridge holding the two volume book,

"Pompey-Our Town in Profile",

published in 1976 and reprinted in 1994.

508 pages of historical matter about Pompey.

Maintained schoolhouse museum at Pompey Center since 1976, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Received Absolute Charter from University of the State of New York in 1981.

Inaugurated annual tour of historic Pompey houses (pre-1850) from 1982-2003 and currently includes more than 40 buildings. These documents can be found in the Research Center.

Received grants from NY Landmarks Conservancy, NYS Council of the Arts, Onondaga Historical Association, Central New York Community Foundation and Onondaga County Cultural Resource Council.

Effected replacement/addition of over half a dozen exterior Historic markers in Pompey.

Erected appropriate Town of Pompey entrance signs at all major highway entries to town.

Brought about placement of the State highway signs for the hamlets of Oran and Pompey Hill.

Saved two complete rooms of the historic John Jerome House, circa 1815, to be permanently exhibited in proposed new facility.

Donated "Oxen Sculptures"

on permanent display

at the entrance to the

Pompey Town Hall in Pompey Center


Currently copying and indexing 18th and 19th century town records for posterity.

Organized entire week long schedule of major town wide events for 1994 Town of Pompey Bicentennial celebration.

Began Pompey Historical Society "Adopt-a-Highway" program in 1995.

Organized 1996 celebration for native son Civil War Major General Henry Warner Slocum.

Sponsored three different "Old Fashioned Fairs" within the Town of Pompey

Sponsored Yorker Club (NYS Historical Association Junior Members).

Brought about the listing of four Pompey sites to the National Register of Historic Places, United States Department of the Interior.

The Society has been instrumental in raising the awareness of the Town of Pompey regarding the numerous abandoned cemeteries in the Town. By State law the Town is responsible for mowing these graveyards. PHS volunteers have worked over the years resetting, repairing and recording the burials in these grounds. In 1996, the Town Historian, Sylvia Shoebridge and others, collected and recorded epitaphs and printed a booklet, EPITAPHS FOUND IN POMPEY CEMETERIES.

The roadside State historical markers have been cleaned and repainted by PHS.

Sponsored Eagle Scout projects starting restoration work in five Pompey cemeteries.

Centralizes and supports genealogy research and requests in Pompey.

Purchase of the "Tobey Bell" home

Organized many Pompey Garden Tours.

Nancy Edwards, Sylvia Shoebridge and Gail Moreland

Nancy Edwards, Sylvia Shoebridge and Gail Moreland

Mission Statement

The purpose of this society shall be:

The PHS maintains the Schoolhouse Museum located on Rt. 20 at Pompey Center, NY, the Oran One Room

Schoolhouse at the corner of Oran-Delphi Rd. and Rt. 92 as well as the new William G. Pomeroy Research

Center and Museum at the corner of Pompey Center Rd. and Rt. 20.

Susan McKee-PHS annual meeting 10-8-03
Susan McKee at the What is it? Annual Meeting,
Pompey United Church, 10-8-1003
Pat Longstaff-Silent Auction & Raffle 6-28-2002
Pat Longstaff at the Silent Auction
& Raffle, 6-28-2002

2005 Board of Directors

<>President-Karen Tomak
<>Vice-President-Lisa Moffa
<>Recording Secretary-Anne Shelley
<>Corresponding Secretary-Vera Love
<>Treasurer-Paul Harvey
<>Program Chair-Gail Moreland
<>Project Chair-Nancy Edwards
<>Nomination Chair-Cookie Dunham
<>PR Chair-
Town Historian-Ruth Hotaling
Historian Emeritus-Sylvia Shoebridge

Trustees-term expires 2005-Jim and Johanne Alexander
Trustee-term expires 2006-Cindy Bell
Trustee-term expires 2006-Pat Longstaff
Trustee-term expires 2007-Susan McKee
Trustee-term expires 2007-Cookie Dunham

Cindy Bell and Karen Tomak

Cindy Bell & Karen Tomak

Paul Harvey, Jim Alexander and Lance McKee

Paul Harvey, Jim Alexander and Lance McKee

June 12th, 2004

 Town of Pompey Historian-Ruth Hotaling
Volunteer Coodinator-Linda Myers

The Board of Directors meets monthly from April through October, the first Saturday of the month.

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